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Tyneham Village Opening Times 2024

The Lulworth Range walks and Tyneham village present a delightful opportunity for the public to immerse themselves in the natural splendour and historical significance of the area. It is imperative, however, to familiarise yourself with the current opening and closing times. Please find below the current Tyneham village opening times for 2024:

Lulworth Range walks and Tyneham village extend a cordial invitation to visitors on most weekends throughout the year. However, it is important to note that access is not available on the following dates in 2024:

Tyneham Village is Closed on These Dates in 2024

Please Make a Note of The Following WeekendsStatus
February 17th to 18thClosed
March 9th to 10thClosed
June 15th to 16thClosed
September 21st to 22ndClosed
October 5th to 6thClosed
November 16th to 17thClosed

Worbarrow Bay Opening Times 2024

The above information also applies to the Worbarrow Bay opening times, as they both share the same entrance.

Other Special Dates Through 2024 When Tyneham Village Will Be Open

To facilitate a more comprehensive experience, Lulworth Range walks and Tyneham village open their doors daily during the following periods:

  • Christmas: The festive season extends its charm from December 15, 2023, all the way through to January 1, 2024, offering a joyful stretch for visitors to revel in the spirit of the holidays amidst the Lulworth Range walks and Tyneham village.
  • Easter: From March 30th to April 14th, a delightful Easter celebration awaits visitors, providing a wonderful opportunity to explore and enjoy the wonders of the Lulworth Range walks and Tyneham village during this vibrant time of year.
  • Bank Holiday: During the dates of April 26th to April 28th, the holiday spirit continues, beckoning visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty and attractions of the Lulworth Range walks and Tyneham village, making the most of this leisurely period.
  • Spring stand-down: Spanning from May 25th to June 2nd, the spring stand-down period offers an extended opportunity for visitors to indulge in the scenic beauty and cultural experiences offered by the Lulworth Range walks and Tyneham village.
  • Summer stand-down: Embracing the warmer months, from July 25th to September 1st, the summer stand-down period invites visitors to bask in the sunshine and explore the natural wonders and historical charm of the Lulworth Range walks and Tyneham village at their leisure.

Please take note of the specific opening and closing times:

  • Following the conclusion of weekday firing, the gates to the range walks are opened on Friday afternoons, aiming for a time as close to 4.30pm as possible. However, it is important to acknowledge that the exact opening time depends on range clearance and prevailing weather conditions. Visitors are invited to enjoy the range walks until 8am on Monday mornings, when the gates gracefully close.
  • Tyneham village gate permits vehicular access and opens promptly at 9am, provided there is no military activity. Each evening, the gate closes at dusk, ensuring the safety and preservation of the area.
  • For an immersive experience into the rich historical tapestry of the region, it is highly recommended to visit the exhibitions in Tyneham School and Tyneham Church. These exhibitions operate from 10am to 4pm on non-firing days, offering visitors a captivating insight into the past.

For any general inquiries or further information, please feel free to contact the dedicated phone number: 01929 404714.

Kindly note that the aforementioned details are based on the provided information. It is advisable to verify the schedule and any potential updates by contacting the relevant authorities. We extend our best wishes for a remarkable visit to the esteemed Lulworth Range walks and Tyneham village! To get the most out of your visit, we highly recommend watching the Tyneham Remembered DVD before visiting.

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