Where is Tyneham?

Exactly Where is Tyneham Village Located? Tyneham Village is nestled within the picturesque landscape of Dorset, a county located in the South West region of England. Specifically, it is positioned near the eastern edge of the Isle of Purbeck, an area renowned for its natural beauty and rugged coastline. This charming village is surrounded by … Read more

Tyneham Village Opening Times

Tyneham Village Opening Times 2024 The Lulworth Range walks and Tyneham village present a delightful opportunity for the public to immerse themselves in the natural splendour and historical significance of the area. It is imperative, however, to familiarise yourself with the current opening and closing times. Please find below the current Tyneham village opening times … Read more

The Post Office

Tyneham post office was located in a row of terraced houses known as the Row or Post Office Row. They were all thatched up until 1881 when the roofs were replaced with stone. The second building from the left was the post office. Tyneham post office originally started out as a bakery before the need … Read more

Buy The Tyneham DVD

Tyneham Remembered Is Essential Viewing For Anyone With an Interest in Tyneham Village and Its History So many people are missing the real story about what happened in Tyneham village. The story is told by the Tyneham villagers themselves.. in their own words. If you want to know what really happened to Tyneham and its … Read more

The Bond Family of Tyneham

The Arrival of The Bond Family The intertwining history of the Bond family and Tyneham Village stretches across centuries, a tapestry woven with tales of ownership, resilience, and the ebb and flow of generations. Their presence, marked by pivotal moments and individuals, left an indelible mark on both the landscape and the community that revolved … Read more

The Rectory

The rectory was a rather grand building which was easily big enough to accommodate an average-sized Victorian family. Canon Christopher Wordsworth spent many years here although one of the last rectors to serve the parish was Reverend Friend who is pictured here. “The living was reckoned a good one but required a rector with some … Read more

Tyneham Village History

Tyneham Village history

The rich tapestry of Tyneham village history is a testament to its enduring legacy, dating back to the era of William the Conqueror. In the wake of the Norman Conquest in 1066, William the Conqueror, the formidable monarch of England, bestowed parcels of land upon his loyal subjects. Among these beneficiaries was his brother, the … Read more

Tyneham Village Map

Tyneham Village is located on the beautiful Dorset coast, roughly between Lulworth and Corfe. The nearest populated towns include Kimmeridge and West Lulworth (Not shown on this Tyneham map). All of the surrounding area and towns are truly wonderful with plenty of accommodation including guest houses, hotels, campsites and bed & breakfast. Swanage, Corfe, Wareham … Read more

Tyneham School

The Charming Story of Tyneham Village School Nestled in the heart of Tyneham, a quaint village with a rich history, stands the Tyneham Village School. This charming institution, established back in 1856, holds tales of education that weave together both dedication and the rhythm of a bygone era. But it wasn’t just the village children … Read more

Tyneham Church

St Mary’s Church St Mary’s Church is rather small compared to other churches in the county of Dorset. Despite that, it managed to serve the villagers of Tyneham quite adequately. Tyneham Church is built from limestone rubble and dates from the 13th Century. The South transept was rebuilt in the mid 19th century by the … Read more

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