The Post Office

Tyneham Post OfficeTyneham post office was located in a row of terraced houses known as the Row or Post Office Row. They were all thatched up until 1881 when the roofs were replaced with stone. The second building from the left was the post office.

Tyneham post office originally started out as a bakery before the need for a post office became more apparent. During it’s time as a post office, it was run by the Driscal family.

During the First World War a telephone was installed in the back of the post office. This was the only telephone in the whole of Tyneham. The only other telephone in the near vicinity was at the coastguard station at Worbarrow Bay.

In 1929 the iconic telephone box was erected in the front of the post office.

Old White Phonebox

Red PhoneboxThe original telephone box was a white concrete one and not the red one you can see today. The original telephone box was accidentally destroyed in 1985. The accident happened when Tyneham was being used during the filming of Comrades, a film about the Tollpuddle Martyrs.

According to folklore Tyneham has many ghosts. More than one person has claimed to hear the old telephone in the phonebox ringing. And considering that it’s not connected to any kind of electrical source, this has only fueled the stories about Tyneham being haunted.

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