Tyneham Village Map

Tyneham Village is located on the beautiful Dorset coast, roughly between Lulworth and Corfe. The nearest populated towns include Kimmeridge and West Lulworth (Not shown on this Tyneham map).

All of the surrounding area and towns are truly wonderful with plenty of accommodation including guest houses, hotels, campsites and bed & breakfast.

Swanage, Corfe, Wareham and Lulworth are all very nice places to stay, to name but a few. 

Tyneham Map

The map of Tyneham below shows the layout of the village and includes all the buildings that you can visit.

Tyneham Village Map
  1. Tyneham Rectory
  2. Rectory Cottages
  3. St Mary’s Church
  4. Tyneham School
  5. Laundry Cottages
  6. Gwyle Cottages
  7. Post Office Row
  8. Double Cottages
  9. Gardener’s Cottage
  10. Tyneham Farm

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  1. A beautiful village which I have visited on many occasions, normally first thing in the morning before there is anyone else there
    A place to sit, reflect and enjoy the sheer bliss of tranquility
    I am almost 75 years old now but plan to visit several more tines

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