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Tyneham Village DVD and Winston Churchill

Tyneham Remembered Is Essential Viewing For Anyone With an Interest in Tyneham Village and It's History

So many people are missing the real story about what happened in Tyneham village. The story told by the Tyneham villagers themselves.. in their own words.

If you want to know what really happened to Tyneham and it's people, the Tyneham Remembered DVD is essential viewing.

You will get a fascinating insight into the lives of the villagers before they were forced to evacuate in 1943.

You will get to see modern day footage compared with old black and white photos showing exactly what the village used to look like and what it was like living there.

And most importantly you will hear from the Tyneham villagers themselves.. The people that used to live there..

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What makes this DVD so compelling is hearing about village life from the people who used to live there. Interviews include the late Arthur Grant, Peter Wellman and Doug Churchill amongst others.

Residents of Tyneham Village

It's one thing reading about what life in Tyneham was like, but to actually hear about it from the people who lived there is magical".

Hearing, in their own words, how they were forced to leave their homes is heartbreaking. Especially as it was just a few days before Christmas. You really feel the emotion when they return to their old homes for the interviews..

Tyneham Remembered DVD - Don't Miss Out
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