The Bond Family

Reverend Nathanial BondThe Bonds first came to Tyneham in 1683 when Nathaniel Bond bought both Tyneham and Creech Grange. From this time onwards the Bond family lived in Tyneham House.

Two years later one of the members was actually sentenced to death by Judge Jeffreys. Lady Alice Lisle who was in her seventies was sentenced to burn to death for harbouring a refuge from the Battle of Sedgemoor. After much protest the sentence was changed to death by beheading instead. Lady Alice Lisle was the daughter of Edith Bond.

Over the next hundred or so years ownership of Tyneham passed from Nathaniel Bond to John Bond, then Dennis Bond and then to Reverend William Bond who built the south transept of Tyneham Church to be used exclusively for the Bond family.

In the 1850s Nathaniel Bond was the Rebrand of Tyneham. He was responsible for the building of Tyneham school.

John BondTwenty years late William Bond inherited Tyneham from his late father, the Revrand Henry Bond. In 1911 Henry’s son, Algernon Bond died of malaria in India.

Ralph Bond went on to inherit Tyneham in 1935 from his father William.

Ralph Bond was the last owner of Tyneham before they were forced to leave. He died in 1951 a broken man after the loss of Tyneham and the way Government broke its promise to return Tyneham to him and its former inhabitants.

In 1956 Lilian Bond published her much acclaimed book “Tyneham – A Lost Heritage”. If you want to learn more about the Bond family and their lives in Tyneham this book really is a must read.

Lilian Bond’s book is comprised of fourteen chapters that each describe an aspect of Tyneham life. You really get the feel of what Tyneham life was like.

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