Local Links

Here are some local links that you may find interesting.

swanagerailway.co.uk – The Swanage Railway has a whole host of steam trains running from Corfe to Swanage through out the year.

swanagepiertrust.com – If you’re in Swanage make sure you visit the wondeful pier.

therex.co.uk – The Rex Cinema in Wareham dates back to 1889 making it one of the oldest functioning cinemas in England.

wareham-tc.gov.uk – Keep up to date with everything happening in Wareham at the official town council website.

swanagelifeboat.org.uk – The Swanage lifeboat team do a fantastic job. You can also visit the lifeboat station. See their website for more details.

lulworth.com – Lulworth is only a few miles from Tyneham and home of the famous Lulworth Cove.


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